Hello Models,

Thank you for your interest in featuring yourself on VOLOGLAM.COM and possibly shooting for VOLOGLAM Magazine in the future

To get your VOLOGLAM.COM Feature:

  • Work with your favorite photographer 
  • Shoot or pick the the best shots you have with them
  • Send us a minimum of 15 images from the shoot using this form
  • Remember the images should be 144DPI or higher in Resolution (to look good on Retina Screens)
  • Images should be at least 2000 pixels in width or height
  • Make sure to include all the photographer + models + mua (optional) credits and social profiles
  • Image should not have any watermarks of any kind (photographer logos)

Things to Note:

  • Do not send us a collection of images from your Facebook/Instagram page
  • Images need to be sourced from the photographer - without any LOGO's on the images
  • Photographers need to be notified of your intention to submit for your GLAM feature
  • Work with a maximum of two photographers to complete your submission and make sure you give us both their information in the form below

What happens next

  • You will get a response within 7 business days on the status of your submission
  • For accepted submissions we will be contacting the model with a series of questions for her VOLOGLAM interview
  • As part of the publishing flow - Models will be required to do a #Takeover of the @volomagazine InstagramStory stream for a 'day in the life' view for our fans

We can't wait to have you grace the pages of VOLOGLAM.COM - Our very active audience will surely appreciate it and become your fans :)

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.