Created specifically for  the upscale and sophisticated male,        VOLOGLAM brings edgy, tasteful photography combined with the        latest technology, cars, toys and fashion & grooming tips for        men in a single magazine.

VOLOGLAM is the newest and most exciting mens magazine in the world, and has been received incredibly well by the market. We are looking for GLAMOROUS sets featuring NON NUDE female models (preferably ones with a following on Instagram) and fashionable men.

  1. All Models need to be 18 Years of Age or OLDER.  Every submission needs to be accompanied by VALID PHOTO ID scan of the models face, name and age for our records. Attach scanned copies of the Age Proof (ID or Passport) of each model depicted in the pictures.
  2. NON NUDE means lingerie, swimsuit, high fashion. NO IMPLIED NUDE SHOTS or FULL NUDE SHOTS.
  3. Every submission needs to have a combination of pictures that show the model from both their FRONT  and BACK sides. DO NOT shoot 10 pictures of the model posing at the same place in the same angle and submit it to us. DO NOT submit a boring set of a model in front of a white wall/background. DO NOT submit a set with IMPLIED nudity (NO hands covering boobs, sheets covering boobs ETC). DO NOT submit a set where the model is "standing around in the same place in 10 different poses. VOLOGLAM is a NON-NUDE magazine - that means WE WILL NOT ACCEPT IMPLIED NUDE IMAGES either... (Except if there is like 2 implied images in a set of 105hot glamour/fashion image series)
  4. Photos must be previously unpublished in any and all media channels – that includes Flickr, ModelMayhem, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr ETC. The only exception is if you have published 1 or 2 pictures of a 15 picture set online, we will still consider that set as unpublished.
  5. Every set submitted needs to have a MINIMUM of 15 pictures with around 2-3 looks.
  6. Every submission needs to consist of 300 DPI images. Minimum accepted resolution is 240 DPI for publication in the magazine.
  7. Please submit each set as a complete ZIP file properly titled YOUR NAME- MODEL'S NAME.
  8. Please include all know contact info for the model- facebook, email, phone number etc. this is IMPORTRANT, because we send the models interviews.
  9. In the case the submission was created with a team, it must be accompanied by credits: models, photographer, stylist, makeup artist etc.